Football Spotlight of the week

Mass Media students will interviewing DMS athletes for spotlight stories each week,  We as a school are immensely  proud of the work that our students put in on and off the field.  These articles from the interview to the finished product are the work of our Mass Media classroom!  We hope you enjoy them.

Introducing, Emmanuel Rosales:

“The reason I started playing football is because I wanted to try something different” stated Emmanuel Rosales. At first he was hesitant to play. When asked why he was hesitant he stated “I didn’t think it would be my thing. Now that the season has started.I've been practicing daily to be my best so I can be someone for my team. I’m hoping to keep playing throughout my high school years!” When asked how Rosales deals with pressure and stressful situations, he responded A way I cope with stress or pressure is really just thinking about the situation. I always close my eyes and take a few deep breaths,  Sometimes I even say a quick prayer.  I try focusing on what I have to do to play my best. Another thing I do to focus myself on something else is listen to music. Music makes me relax. It helps get stress off my shoulders and gets things off my mind.” Rosales believes that work ethic, behavior and attitude is what makes an excellent football player. He states that this can be in the classroom or on the field. This is how athletes earn the trust of the coaches.