Calhoun theatre presents “Peter and the Star Catcher”. What an experience to see former DCS students (now in college at Calhoun & Athens State) as part of the cast! How awesome is it that Decatur has such a strong performing arts community?!
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Red ribbon week is next week!
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red ribbon week
Thanks to Alabama Association for Gifted Children for selecting DMS gifted as recipient of a teacher grant in the amount of $900. Funds will be used to purchase audio and video equipment to create a student recording space in what was once a small office near the gifted classroom.
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teacher grant
2021-2022 Basketball Schedule
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Basketball schedule
School announcements for Sept. 27 - Oct. 1 found at
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Early release
Friendly reminder for those who'd like to participate.
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SWH dress up days
Friendly reminder about tomorrow's dress-up day!
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Dress-up day
DMS awards day! Congratulations to all of our students on their accomplishments this year.
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awards day
awards day
awards day
awards day
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Summer Assignments
ACTE State Tech Fair- DMS won 1st place in Animation, Digital game, & Robotics 2nd place in Robotics 3rd place in Digital Art
5 months ago, Jessica Shipley
student with dog
student with robot
student with computer
student with computer
We just launched our new website and app! We have some work to do still, so please be patient as we update all of our content. We are so excited to have an app and website that will be helpful to parents and students! Great things coming!
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Website under construction sign
8th Grade Springapalooza ACAP Reward Day! Our 8th graders rocked the ACAP! #levelUp
6 months ago, Jessica Shipley
Kids playing board games
Kids playing board games
Kids walking
Student and teacher playing board games